Ford 6.0L Platinum Performance Series Fuel Injector Set (8 Injectors) DK202001-30

Bostech Platinum Performance Series Remanufactured Ford Diesel Fuel Injector Set of 8
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No Warranty on Performance Injectors

Please refer to Return Policy for Full Details


All gas and diesel injectors come with new o-rings on the injectors.

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Bostech's Platinum Performance Series Ford 6.0L Diesel Fuel Injectors are 100% Disassembled, Components are Inspected, Polished, and Certified to Original Specifications.

All Mating Surfaces are Lapped to a Precision Finish, Injectors Assembled with 100% New +30 Nozzles, New Spool Valves, New Coils, New Intesifier Pistons, New Electrical Connectors for Above Stock Performance.

New Orings and Seals are Installed before Packaging.


Ford F250-F550, Excursion 6.0L 09/22/2003-2007

Ford F650-F750 6.0L 2005-2007

Ford E

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