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  • Classic American Cars That Transformed the Auto Industry

    classic american cars transformed auto industry

    American cars have been at the forefront of the automotive world since before the Model T began rolling off Ford’s first assembly line. Through the years, thousands of car models have been manufactured, a variety of body styles, performance features, and practicality, some successful and others less so. Continue reading

  • The Future of Green Car Technology

    The Future of Green Car Technology

    We live in exciting times when the rise of innovative companies looks set to make the car industry of the future a more environmentally friendly and comfortable place. Every year many innovations come forth, changing the dynamics of car ownership. While it seems like much has been achieved in a short timeframe, there are some truly revolutionary changes right around the corner. Continue reading

  • Luxury Cars that We Love Right Now


    What is it about driving a luxury car with the sunroof down on a winding road beside a sparkling blue ocean that leaves us all weak at the knees? Is it the rumble and purr of the engine as it hugs the cliff side or the envious looks of passers-by as we cruise down the café strip? Continue reading

  • 8 Stunning Celebrity Car Collections Worthy of Museums

    8 Stunning Celebrity Car Collections Worthy of Museums

    When you have loads of money, spending it on the things you love seems natural. It just makes sense you should take up an obscenely expensive hobby to show off your affluence. For high-rolling celebrities, designer wardrobes and stylish shoe collections are obvious, but a multimillion-dollar car collection—now, that makes a statement! Continue reading

  • Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer Vacation

    VW bus with surfboard on beach

    Summer is the time for getting out and exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s a camping trip, off-roading adventure, or long cross-country road trip, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is in top condition before you set out. The last thing you need is an overheated engine or blown tire ruining your vacation plans. Continue reading

  • Car Maintenance for the Warmer Months

    Whether you’re planning vacation travels in your vehicle or just staying local this year, it’s a good idea to take a look at your car and prepare for the summer heat. The transition from winter to summer can be hard on a car’s engine and body. You need to give both some attention. There are plenty of simple ways you can make sure you are safe on the roads during the warmer months. Continue reading

  • An Update on the Elusive Apple Car

    Ever since Steve Jobs said he would like to build a car, back in 2008, and especially since 2014 when the Apple car initiative, Project Titan, became a reality, industry observers have been scratching their heads wondering what is going on. Today, various rumors are circulating and putting forward different theories. Continue reading

  • Five Car Maintenance Myths Debunked

    Nearly everyone in America has a car these days, and some people even have more than one. Although improvements in technology have led to advancements in the production of vehicles, there is always some degree of maintenance required, especially as the vehicle increases in age. Continue reading

  • Workplace Training Tips for the Automotive Industry

    An automotive business is only as effective as its workers. Owning and managing the best equipment, having the cleanest shop, providing terrific customer service, and managing your books well are great ways to keep a work environment productive. Continue reading

  • Troubleshooting Engine Overheating

    Have you ever been driving around town and notice your engine temperature light comes on and your temperature gauge keeps going up? If left unchecked, your radiator fluid can start to boil over, and steam will billow out from under the hood of your car. It can be a stressful situation, but also one that can be easily fixed once you determine the cause of the overheating. Continue reading

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