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Ford Diesel Power Stroke High Pressure Oil Pumps

HPOP-008X - Ford High Pressure Oil/Injection Pump


Ford Diesel

7.3 Liter - 8 Cylinder

OEM# 1831449C91, 501009R91

Ford P/N F81Z9A543CRM

Bostech # HPOP-008X

This is for the newer body style truck. If the Power Stroke logo appears on your truck's door then this is the pump you need.


+$150.00 core

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Made For:

1999½ Ford Power Stroke 7.3L
2000 Ford Power Stroke 7.3L
2001 Ford Power Stroke 7.3L
2002 Ford Power Stroke 7.3L
2003 Ford Power Stroke 7.3L


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